Mojang’s Florida-Based Minecraft Festival Postponed

Mojang’s Florida-Based Minecraft Festival Postponed

The Coronavirus halted another gaming event. Mojang announced via Twitter that it would postpone the Minecraft festival due to concerns about the coronavirus epidemic.

The Minecraft festival was to take place in Orlando, Florida, over a three-day period, but after several cases started to appear in Florida, it seemed like canceling the event was the safest idea. One of the main problems is not necessarily the cases that are already in Florida (although this is certainly a concern), but rather the question of the number of cases that the event could bring to Florida. While there have been no cases in Orlando, Florida, this may not hold true for long periods of time.
Mojang’s Florida-Based Minecraft Festival Postponed Over Coronavirus Outbreak Concerns
“In recent weeks, the COVID-19 epidemic has led many organizers to cancel or postpone gatherings and events around the world as a precaution to ensure the health and safety of their guests,” writes Mojang. “The situation around Minecraft Festival, however, is a bit different. September is

still in several months and we are not making any predictions on how long it will take to put the epidemic behind us. ”

Hitting a convention full of people together will always end up with a few germs, especially since there is often a hygiene below the normal by cons, to be frank. This makes the situation a little worse when a lot of participants are traveling, and if you mix up with the event taking place in a place already affected by the epidemic, you really only play with the f

Plus, the Minecraft Festival is thriving online, so it’s not a big blow to the event! Although it is disappointing to see the event canceled in person, it will always be celebrated. Mojang has organized Minecon Earth festivals entirely online since the removal of their previous Minecon live events, but the Minecraft Festival intended to bring back the Minecon feeling. It’s certainly a shame to see it canceled, but the online festivities will still take place as planned.