Meghan Markle Sparks The Wrath Of Royal

Meghan Markle Sparks The Wrath Of Royal

Meghan Markle has apparently not had good graces with the royal family since she officially joined it in 2018. And a new Page Six report says that Meghan’s reputation in the family has become even more damaged after a network social poorly synchronized Publish.

Specifically, the former Suits shared an Instagram post that allegedly diverted attention from a large royal family announcement.

The aforementioned outing claims that Camilla, Prince Charles’ wife, became furious when Meghan posted photos to her account during her visit to the National Theater on the same day as Camilla’s speech at the Women of the World festival in London.
Meghan Markle Sparks The Wrath Of Royal Family Member With New Instagram Post
The Daily Mirror was the first to report that Camilla had

The insider who spoke to the Daily Mirror claimed it was well known that Camilla’s speech would take place that day, and it was assumed that he would have priority, however, perhaps the exit Meghan and Harry of the royal family had changed their mind by staying true to it. idea.

The website went on to say that Meghan “broke her pledge” not to overshadow the royal family member’s speech against domestic violence. Apparently Meghan has done something like this in the past.

In January, Meghan posted on IG, which bothered Buckingham Palace, because at that time Kate Middleton was working on her child protection campaign.

As noted above, Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the rest of the family has been strained for years, however, it has come to its conclusion