Little Women LA Star Christy McGinity Officially

Little Women LA Star Christy McGinity Officially

Little Women LA star Christy Gibel is officially divorced and named after her young daughter Christy McGinity. Now that she’s got rid of Todd Gibel, she is concentrating on her new bundle of joy that will arrive this spring.

If you haven’t known what’s going on with the reality star since the last time she was on TV, her problems with Todd have become too difficult to handle to make her seek a divorce .

To top it all off, McGinity had already found a new lover before serving her ex with separation papers. Shortly after her boyfriend was announced as a man by the name of Gonzo, whom the former couple had known for years, it was revealed that she was expecting her baby.

The whole situation was a shock to Todd who explained to the fans that he was going through mental health issues and wanted to reconcile with his wife before she dropped the bomb that she was going to be with Gonzo.
Little Women LA Star Christy McGinity Officially Divorced — Recently Hospitalized During Complicated Pregnancy
Since then Gibel has accepted that his ex-femm

The puppy was adopted by Vanderpump Dogs by the couple, returned after separation, and then re-adopted by a member of the McGinity family.

However, Todd believes he should get the puppy in for divorce – something that Vanderpump Dog accepts if the family member returns canine.

Meanwhile, Christy is focusing on the health of her baby girl who is due to arrive on April 1.

She was recently hospitalized several times and went to Instagram to share her struggle.