Khloe Kardashian Is Accused Of Cultural

Khloe Kardashian Is Accused Of Cultural

Khloe Kardashian takes heat for cultural appropriation. A few hours ago, the reality TV star went to social networks to share a series of photos and videos where she is happy to display a new sexy hairstyle.

Khloe, who is famous for often changing her hairstyle and color, now makes fun, light pink cornrows. In the photos, the mother of one is wearing a white Nike sports bra with shorts and a pair of sneakers.

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Khloe Kardashian Is Accused Of Cultural Appropriation Over This Sultry Mirror Selfie, Days After Ray J And Brandy Defended The Concept
One fan said: “Your inspiration for many but more for me, thank you for not having changed your real person, the exterior is impeccable”.

Another person said, “Omg, your hair is the perfect thing, I love you.” This contributor shared: “Ok you stay this b

Meanwhile, Tristan Thompson works hard to show Khloe how much he loves and misses her.

A family friend said, ‚ÄúTristan’s Instagram compliments are just what the world sees. In real life, he is even stronger. He sends her flowers all the time. Her house is full of flowers, and many of them come from Tristan. He sends her sweet texts and keeps telling her that he wants her to come back. Khloe appreciates the attention, but she still distrusts him in this regard. She trusts him as the father of True, but when it comes to getting back together at this point, she wants to keep it as it is