Devil’s Hunt Developer Layopi Games

Devil’s Hunt Developer Layopi Games

Layopi Games previously released Devil’s Hunt on PC. Although the game was only launched on one platform, the developer planned to release the title on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

There are now several allegations from those who have worked with the studio.

n single payment, which did not happen. They were not paid for December, January and February, but did not go out because they had some confidence in the management. Employees faced a difficult vacation season. The company promised to pay them but did not keep its word.
Devil’s Hunt Developer Layopi Games Rumored To Have Shut Down Without Paying Employees
The situation got worse on Friday. The developers went to work as planned, but claimed that the entire workplace had been cleaned up. All personal items were placed in the trash. The developers claim that no one has received any warning or advice. They couldn’t even send an email to their boss because the company’s email accounts were also closed.

The developer’s official Twitter account has been silent since October, about a month after the game launched. The game’s publisher, 1C Company, has made no comments on the situation on social media.

A Polish website has posted some anonymous comments on the state of the business. Layopi Games did not comment on the situation to confirm or deny the Polish information.

Devil’s Hunt was the only title developed by Layopi Games. The game was based on Paweł Leśniak’s novel Equilibrium, which revolved around the battle between angels and demons. Earth becomes the battlefield where light has fought against darkness.

“You play Desmond, formerly a bon vivant son of a wealthy entrepreneur. Desmond’s life was dragged into a sequence of unfortunate events that co