Link Building Services

Link Building Services

Going to reveal the best seo link building services to get a top ranking for any keyword guaranteed.

I have done this over and over, but people don’t believe that web 2.0 backlinks still work.

So I am not only going to show you how to get these backlinks, I am going to prove that they work (once again).

The last time I proved that web 2.0 backlinks work was shown on my web 2.0 link wheel tutorial post.

The ranking strategy I am going to show you today will work for absolutely any keyword out there.

If you have a low or very competitive keyword, this will work.

It works on new or old domains.

You can buy this service in our store here, or follow the strategy below and do it yourself for free.

We have used this strategy for many clients on the most competitive keywords out there in the health, beauty and lawyer niches.

These backlinks work and will work for your website too.

I am going to rank this post top using this exact strategy for my chosen search term:

Focus Keyword

Long Tail Pro Keyword Competition Score

My keyword has a Long Tail Pro seo competition score of 37.

KWFinder Keword SEO Competition Score

My seo competition score is 39.

And for those people that say to you Web 2 backlinks do not work, or Tumblr backlinks do not work, send them to this post and prove them wrong 🙂

This strategy takes one month to complete and will have any keyword ranking top in 60 to 90 days.

Of course the rank time all depends on your current keyword ranking.

If your site is not even indexed, then it will take 60 to 90 days to hit the top.

Of course the time scale also depends on your keyword seo competition score.

Easy keywords will rank fast and hit the top spot in the second 30 day cycle.

I am going to run through everything that you need to do to get your website a top Google ranking.

Link Building Services

Before you go ahead and purchase any services it is very important that your on page seo is absolutely perfect.

On page seo is not difficult at all.

Use my easy two step system to perfect on site seo.

Top Google Ranking

I am going to run through what you need to do to your sites page to ensure it is fully optimised to hit the top spot in the SERPs.

Run through my on page seo checklist below to ensure your page is ready for the top.

First of all, do not worry about keyword density, your goal is to write naturally.

Then ensure you do the following:

#1 Content

Ensure your main focus keyword features at the top, in the middle and at the bottom of your content.

At the Top: have your keyword preferably in the first paragraph and put it in BOLD FONT.

In the Middle: have your keyword half way down the content.

At the Bottom: have your keyword preferably in the last paragraph and in ITALIC FONT.

Ensure your keyword is in the H1 Tag and one H2 to H6 Tag (must be exact search phrase).

Put your exact keyword in one IMAGE ALT TAG, preferably the image nearest the top of the page.

Try to ensure your content is more in depth than the top 10 ranking sites. 2000 Plus words is always good, however this is not majorly important.

#2 Meta Tags

This is the last thing you need to do to ensure your site is fully optimized for a top ranking.

META TITLE TAG: have your exact keyword at the start (once only). Ensure you give the visitors a reason to click. Make your TITLE extremely compelling. You want the searcher to feel like they absolutely have to click on your listing. Appeal the the searchers emotions, I know you can do this 🙂 Make sure it does not exceed 70 characters with spaces.

META DESCRIPTION TAG: have your keyword in the description as close to the start as possible (once only). This is your chance to get the searcher to click on your listing. MAKE THEM CLICK. Give them a reason, an offer or something special that they can’t get anywhere else that only you have. Ensure you do not exceed 320 characters with spaces.

That’s it, your content is spot on.

On Page SEO Software

If you want to use some free software to check your on page seo is perfect then I highly recommend WebSite Auditor.

It will let you know if you have done the above steps correctly.

Told you on page seo is easy.

Anyone can do this, so do not miss this step.

Remember to ensure your TITLE and DESCRIPTION Meta Tags are well written, this will help CTR and help boost your site to the top faster.

If you need help with these, you know where I am. Just drop me an email, I am happy to help.

This has to be done before you do any seo link building.

The links will be pointless without your on page fully optimised.

If you want to, you can go ahead and do some internal backlinks to your new post.

Take a look around your site and link back within the content to your new post, of course it must be relevant.

Right, now it is time to do some serious link building.

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